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With the help of a blogpost by Dorine Ruter it is easy to put up a short introduction to, the social bookmarking site that we are using to collectively gather websites, wikis, blogs and other online resources with interesting content about knowledge management in the context of development cooperation. We have chosen delicious because it is used by a large number of people, but have found out it is not so intuitive for everyone, so if you are new to delicious, it may take some time to get used to it.

But what is social bookmarking in the first place? Social bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarks to a public website and ‘tagging’ them with keywords, meaning you add information about the content. The tagging allows you to find your resources lateron, but also to follow other people’s resources with the same tag.  If you like to know more: here are some good starter resources. basics

Examples of users

Examples of how is used by other development organisations or individuals

Learning more about delicious

And here’s a presentation from Beth Kanter about tagging for knowledge sharing:


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Welcome to the npk4dev weblog!

Several people started bookmarking online resources related to knowledge management for development. To make each other aware of possibly valuable resources and to collectively build a public, searchable set of these resources, a few members of the KM4DEV community started a small initiative. They are bookmarking the resources they want to collect and share via, tagging the items ‘npk4dev’. When you subscribe to the npk4dev tag (link / rss), you can monitor everyone’s contributions. By capturing the RSS feed in Suprglu (link / rss) a list of searchable resources is built.
You are welcome to join the initiative and help us collect and share your online bookmarks! Please read some guidelines on how to contribute in the following paragraph.

npk4dev tagging – guidelines & resources

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